As a deep-sea ecologist, I am interested in the distribution and abundance of deep-sea species, and the relationship between these animals and the environment.


My research is a multidisciplinary science that relies on the expertise of both geoscientists and biologists with the aim to investigate the mechanisms that underlie community structure, composition and ecological dynamics, and how they are altered by anthropogenic impacts (e.g. mining, trawling) and environmental change (e.g. climate, natural hazards).

Each image in the gallery above shows an aspect of my research to date. For more information, click each image for associated media release and/or access to publication.

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Characterization of deep-sea benthic invertebrate megafauna of the Galapagos Islands

(Credit Ocean Exploration Trust) Seamounts are prominent features of deep seafloor of the Galapagos archipelago and until recently, these extinct volcanoes and the biological communities that live on them, have remained largely unexplored. For the first time, we explored three seamounts, where we reveal fragile coral and sponge communities hosting thirty deep-sea invertebrate species that are new science.

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